Our repeater program

Repeater Divecenter

All Member Cards are non-transferrable.

For our repeaters we offer:

2nd visit: 3% rabat

3rd visit: 5% rabat

From 4th visit: 10% rabat

Repeater Resort

All Member Cards are non-transferrable.

2nd visit Silver member card:
We invite you to a 30-minute massage and arrange an exclusive table by the pool for one evening.

3rd and 4th visit Gold member card:
You will receive a bottle of wine on the house during your stay in addition to the Silver Package.

From 5th visit Platinum member card:
Enjoy the full repeater programme consisting of a table by the pool, massage, wine and a free dinner.


Jl. Puskesmas
80853 Kubu,
Bali, Indonesien
+62 812-3680-0182