Ujung Water Palace & Kings Museum

In Amlapura there is a small museum “Kings Museum”. It is connected to the story about the Kings palace from old days. It is telling the story about the King from Lombok when living on Bali.
Ujung water palace is situated close by the sea by the main city in east Bali Amlapura. It is possible to visit this water palace on the same trip when going to Tirta Gangga as a combination. This palace is more spacious and there is a house in the middle of the lake from the Amlapura kings period.
It’s a really beautiful scenery, with amazing views to mountains and with good visibility to Lombok as well.

Price p. p. 275k IDR min 2 pax.

Can be made like a join combination with Tirta Gangga.
The additional cost p.p. is +75k IDR.


Jl. Puskesmas
80853 Kubu,
Bali, Indonesien
+62 812-3680-0182