A nice dining experience.

The ABWonderdive Resort Bali offers a range of dining options and culinary experiences, paired with the stunning view of the Balinese sea and Mt. Agung.

Our kitchen offer different taste of food, from the authentic local home-cooked Balinese & Indonesian style that is rich in flavor, via a touch of Italian dishes, as well as simple but tasty International dishes. Not to forget our ice cream menu, a scoop for any ice cream lovers.


Grilled Fisch

Nasi Campur

Banana Split

Ceasar Salad

Chicken Curry


Nasi Goreng Special

Watermelon Fruit Plate


From our beach front restaurant, you will be able to enjoy the stunning views of the Balinese sea, get the dining table arranged by our pool with the view to Mt. Agung. What about an option for romantic dining on your own private terrace? Get served close by the fish pond or by the beach overlooking the Balinese sea? We invite our guest to enjoy their culinary journey in our resort, where every meal is prepared by our talented culinary team.

Here you will find our menu

ABWonderdive Breakfast menu


Jl. Puskesmas
80853 Kubu,
Bali, Indonesien
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