Our dive center

ABWonderdive-bali is located in Kubu, east Bali, an area who ranks among the best locations on Bali for diving, snorkeling and free diving. The new dive center is centrally located in the resort only few minutes’ walk away from the house reef. The spectacular house reef and the famous close by dive spot, ranks among the best on Bali for scuba diving and snorkeling. The location on the east side of Bali guarantees a good supply of water flow, which brings excellent coral growth and plenty of fish.

The shallow house reef offers an ideal spot for scuba divers, snorkelers & skin divers assessable via the beach. You can discover this amazing marine life surrounded by Mt. Agung and the magnificent tropical ref overlooking the Balinese Sea.

With +30 dive sites of different levels and interest from: wrecks, drop off’s, slopes and macro dive spot incl. our fantastic house reef with 2 entry points. ABWonderdive-bali is the perfect diver’s paradise for beginners and experienced divers.


The wreck ‘Kubu Wreck” is only a 5 min. ride from the dive center. The world famous “Liberty” in Tulamben, is just 10 min. ride away and is some of the regularly visited dive sites. Around on the island you find different exceptional place for divers like Amed and by Candidasa.

For the national marine park at Menjagang and Manta point by Nusa Penida special arrangements is needed and not in our program but we like to assist if possible.

Our local dive sites here on east Bali are between 5 - 45 minutes ride away from our resort. These dive sites are reached by cars/van or via local dive boats.

The unique diversity and variety of underwater life in the east of Bali especially around ABWonderdive has a lot off highlights to offer any scuba divers.


Diver certification

In our dive center we offer different certification levels, from Bubble Makers over Discover Scuba Divers, Open water, AOW, Rescue, Specialties to Dive Master Certifications.


Jl. Puskesmas
80853 Kubu,
Bali, Indonesien
+62 812-3680-0182